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Why Oklahoma City is a Great Place to Retire

shutterstock_37981153 1280x853 tinyWhether you’re retiring from the military and thinking about a second career or just looking to relax and enjoy your golden years, Oklahoma City is a great place to settle down. If you’re ready to relocate for retirement, you’ll want to pay special attention to things like cost of living, access to quality healthcare, and available amenities. Luckily, OKC has a good combination of all of these factors – plus a favorable climate! Here’s how it ranks:

Cost of Living

Oklahoma City is number 7 when it comes to the best places to retire. That’s because, according to Kiplinger, the cost of living for retirees residing in OKC is nearly 13% lower than average.

If you currently live in a high-cost coastal city such as San Francisco or New York, retiring to a place like OKC, where living costs are lower, could make every retirement dollar go further.

Economic Growth 

Looking to launch a second career (or a side hustle) during retirement? OKC is the place to be. The job market is growing, as evidenced by the city’s ranking by Glassdoor. The site put Oklahoma City at number 12 on its list of best cities for jobs

Plus, according to the Navy’s Federal Credit Union, “Oklahoma City tops the list of best places to live for both service members transitioning from active duty and veterans.” As Bert Sperling, founder of Sperling’s BestPlaces, says, “OKC scored particularly well in the categories of high incomes and income growth for veterans, low unemployment among veterans and the number of veteran-owned businesses.”

A healthy economy can positively impact quality of life, so if you’re looking for job growth and the vibrancy it brings to a community, OKC can’t be beat.

Access to Healthcare

Oklahoma City recently launched a 55.5 million dollar initiative to open more Senior Health and Wellness Centers in the area. Two centers are already open and two more are scheduled to open by 2022. The centers provide social and recreational opportunities for older adults while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through access to exercise equipment and programming. 

If you’re in need of urgent or elective care, there are seven (!) 4 and 5 star hospitals within 50 miles of Oklahoma City. Whatever specialty you’re looking for, the modern frontier (OKC’s nickname!) is bound to have it within driving distance.

Infrastructure and Amenities

When it comes to infrastructure, Oklahoma City offers even more than great healthcare. The Will Rogers World Airport is just 6 miles south of downtown, easily accessible for traveling — or welcoming friends and family. There’s also widespread access to high-speed internet, which will come in handy whether you’re FaceTiming your kids or scheduling a telehealth appointment.

The area also boasts a wide variety of dining, arts, and entertainment options. With seven distinct downtown districts, each with its own vibe, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the OKC Museum of Art and the Civic Center Music Hall or head to the Oklahoma River for boating or the multi-use trails. 


And last but not least, OKC offers up a temperate and sunny climate. With 235 sunny days per year, you can spend more time outside golfing, boating, and gardening… and less time shoveling snow! In fact, US News and World Report named Oklahoma City a top place to live for weather

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