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Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter, the Feng Shui Way

Living Room in Luxury Home

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing your surroundings. Most people may be more aware of its guidance on furniture placement, but there is much more to it than that. It also offers guidance on decluttering, something that most of us need. Whether you are interested in the art of feng shui or not, you will find that these tips on getting rid of the clutter in our homes in Edmond OK can result in a more peaceful and harmonious home.

According to feng shui teachings, too much clutter can result in stagnant, depressed energy in your home, which can have an impact on your own personal energy and overall well being. Think of it this way, the more the pile of mail builds up, the more daunting and stressful a task it becomes. With clutter throughout your home, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and have that carry over into other aspects of your life. By eliminating clutter and only having items that are loved and used regularly, there is more room for energy to flow freely and you'll feel less stressed and be able to enjoy your home and family.

In order to get started, think about the different zones of your home and where the worst clutter is. Tackle the areas that bother you the most, because you'll get greater satisfaction and a more immediate result.

If it helps, set a specific time or day to dedicate to clearing out the clutter. You don't have to do everything at once, but by making an appointment for yourself, you can be more mentally prepared to do the work. Dedicate a whole day, half day, or even just an hour or so for a set number of days. Give yourself a start and stop time so you don't feel overly pressured.

Just because we're trying to bring harmony to our homes in Edmond OK doesn't mean we have to work in contemplative silence. In fact, playing upbeat music may help you keep your own energy up and help you stick at the task longer. Don't tie yourself up with headphones; crank up the speakers! Similarly, even though you may be tackling some dust and grime in the process, try to avoid wearing dark colors, especially black and grey. Wear bright cheerful colors, especially red, which can encourage you to be more active.

As you reduce the clutter in your home, you may find yourself with more space and less stress. Those are things we can all appreciate.