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These Fortune 500 Companies are Hiring Right Now in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma living has its benefits, from an exciting arts scene to a lower cost of living with a higher quality of life. You might have even made a pastime out of scrolling OKC home listings lately, but your dream house in Oklahoma City doesn't have to be just a fantasy. With growing numbers of Fortune 500 companies hiring, it’s easier than ever to find a thriving career in Oklahoma City to support your way of life.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. OKC Mayor David Holt recently announced that the city continues to show positive signs of economic recovery, with its sales tax check being 4.4% above what it was in March of 2020. 

With a stable and steadily improving economy, where can you start looking for the right job opportunity for you? Here is a list of Fortune 500 companies and other great opportunities hiring in the area.

  1. Paycom

Paycom Software, Inc. is a world-class payroll and human resource technology provider. Based in Oklahoma City, the company prides itself on leading industry innovation while empowering employees and HR professionals access to their HR data.

A wide range of positions are available at Paycom, with sales, technology, and corporate opportunities and internships for students.

  1. Costco

Costco Wholesale, the fifth largest retailer in the world, and has recently moved 1,500 office jobs to the Oklahoma City area. The company is looking for enthusiastic professionals to join their team. If you’re looking for a company that can reliably boast stability and career growth, Costco is a great place to look. 

The retailer encourages professionals of all skill levels to apply. If you have experience in a warehouse setting, you may even be at an advantage — many Costco warehouse managers and Vice Presidents began their careers as stockers and cashier assistants.

  1. Amazon 

Amazon is hiring for a variety of different positions, including senior engagement managers, operations managers, delivery drivers, and more. A range of positions are open for professionals of all skill levels. Amazon's competitive pay and benefits make these compelling choices, especially considering the possibility for career growth.

While Amazon's main headquarters is located in Seattle, its business operations are everywhere, including Oklahoma City. That makes OKC a great city to seek employment with one of the most valuable companies in the world. 

  1. Accenture 

Accenture has been regularly posting open positions in the Oklahoma City area. If you're in the consulting or marketing fields, listings for positions like senior sales solution architects, market development leaders, and finance technology consulting managers have been popping up frequently. On LinkedIn, Accenture is currently listed as "actively hiring," meaning there's more opportunity than ever. Accenture is a growing company with the potential to allow for upward mobility for dedicated professionals.

This is another company with room for people of many backgrounds, especially finance, tech, and marketing. Their Glassdoor page describes the company as valuing innovation, client satisfaction, and ingenuity.. Accenture was also listed in the top 100 best places to work from 2018-2020.

Other reputable and highly sought-after businesses and agencies are hiring in Oklahoma City, including:

  1. Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems is a payment processing and technology provider that ranked just above the Fortune 500 list last year. With a high-rise in the heart of Oklahoma City, the company is hiring for a variety of positions in the area. 

Whether you work in sales, marketing, technology, or in other fields, Heartland Payment Systems could be an excellent fit. Current open positions include systems engineers, product managers, marketing operations managers, business analysts, product designers, and more.

  1. Toptal

Short for "Top Talent," Toptal is a tech company devoted to connecting companies with skilled freelancers. The company frequently opens listings for a variety of different positions, from UI designers, Shopify developers, technical account managers, and more. And although Toptal itself isn’t listed as a Fortune 500 company, many of the clients they pair job-seekers with are. 

Fortune 500 companies from HP to Pfizer hire through Toptal. While some of these jobs are contract-based, working with Toptal comes with the chance to see what the future of work will look like from the driver's seat. 

  1. The FBI

An exciting job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be on the horizon for you. According to the FBI's LinkedIn page, there's room for people with all kinds of backgrounds to become FBI professionals. With open positions like computer scientists, government information specialists, program analysts, and even special agents, your expertise could be a valuable crime-fighting tool. STEM subjects, psychology, legal, education, healthcare, and accounting are fields of particular interest to them. 

These are a few of the many companies hiring in OKC. After browsing real estate listings, scroll through Linkedin job postings for these and other Fortune 500 companies with open opportunities to turn your dream of moving to OKC into a reality.