Home Siding: Making the right choice


The siding of your home is more than just looks; it is also protection. Here in Oklahoma, we see lots of extreme weather changes, making the need for reliable siding vital. There are many options for siding like vinyl, wood, engineered wood and fiber cement. Here at TimberCraft we use nothing but the best. All our homes come with fiber cement siding. We use the number one producer of high-performance fiber cement siding, James Hardie. Below are a few reasons why every single house we build uses James Hardie fiber cement siding and its benefits:

- Non-combustible

- 30-Year Non-Prorated Warranty

- Superior Rot Resistance

- Impervious to Termite Damage

- Resistant to Warping/Expansion

- Will Not Melt

- Easily Painted

High quality material doesn’t immediately translate to higher costs. Believe it or not, fiber cement costs less than wood, doesn’t attract pests, and resists water absorption to help resist damage from mold, swelling and cracking—buying you more mileage for your dollar.

The colors that James Hardie provides not only look great but are low maintenance. “Baked-on ColorPlus® Technology has greater resistance to fading, chipping and cracking than field applied paint, meaning less maintenance for you”.

James Hardie is the only siding company that engineers siding and trim products for specific climates, ensuring that you get the best performance for your region.

Since fiber cement siding (unlike vinyl) is non-combustible and hail-damage resistant, it can sometimes help reduce home insurance premiums.

For anyone moving in from out of state you can rest assure that when you purchase a TimberCraft home, you are getting a high-quality home. For more information, visit our website where our community managers will help with through any point in the process. We have available homes or custom build opportunities.

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