Highland Pointe will be the new highly desired community


The state of Oklahoma has had a steady flow of new families moving in from all over the country. With the great rates, Oklahoma has been a great state to move to. It boasts a great return for the cost of living. For example:


  • Median price for a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom home: $247,875
  • Cost of loaf of bread: $3.20
  • Cost of gallon of gasoline: $2.21
  • Cost of a yoga class: $12.60
  • Cost of a dentist visit: $91.00
  • Average commute length: 21 minutes

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For many families moving in, Highland Pointe will be a community highly desired. Here are a few reasons why:

Highland Pointe is a community that stands out and is the perfect place for Oklahomans who want a more modern living experience and new families moving into the state that want urban living. Everything about this community is intentional. Things like the shape of the houses, the style of the houses, and the materials used in the houses.

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Every house in Highland Pointe is unique and special. You won’t find cookie-cutter homes in Highland Pointe. These two story single-family homes come in a variety of floor plans and elevations. Start by choosing your preferred style, then customize it to work for your lifestyle. From backsplashes to flooring, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize virtually every aspect of your home. And as a homeowner in Highland Pointe, you’ll benefit from a gated entrance, luxurious four-season landscaping, and several recreational amenities such as basketball courts, a playground, a pool, and a clubhouse. Relaxing weekends spent swimming or shooting hoops await in your new community. Highland Pointe is also in a Top-rated public schools system. For those that love to work in a big city or love the entertainment it has to offer, this community is right off the Kilpatrick turnpike making it a quick drive into Oklahoma city.

For more information reach out to one of our community managers by clicking HERE, and find the perfect home in Highland Pointe.

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