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Every Oklahoma Home Needs These 4 Things

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From its thriving art scene to top school districts and a growing film industry presence, Oklahoma is an excellent place to live. In fact, Oklahoma City has been ranked as one of the best places for new home buyers for its low down payments and affordable cost of living. When looking for a new home in the state, what key essentials does every Oklahoma house need? Here, we break down four must-haves to look for before moving in.


Living in Oklahoma has its privileges, one of which being that the state experiences all four seasons. From sunny Summers to colorful Autumns and mild Winters that still see snow, residents can experience the beauty all year.

When experiencing these seasons, you may end up entering your home with wet, dusty, or snowy boots. And when that happens, there’s nothing more useful and comforting in your home than walking into a mudroom. 

What is a mudroom? It is an entryway that allows you to kick off your shoes and store your coat without fear of trailing dirt all over your kitchen or living room floor. A mudroom with coat storage is ideal for layering up for days where the weather can fluctuate and helps you transition to and from the elements.

Storm shelter

When moving to any area, considering weather conditions is a key part of making the decision in choosing a home. In California, there are earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires. In the northeast, there are blizzards and other extreme winter conditions. Along the Gulf Coast and southeast, hurricanes are a real risk.

In Oklahoma, tornadoes happen. Though about 77% of the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma are low-grade and do not cause widespread damage, it's best to be prepared.

That’s why one aspect of Oklahoma homes that increases safety and peace of mind is a storm shelter. Underground storm shelters provide reliable protection so that you and your loved ones have access to a safe place right on your property in the event of a severe storm. 

Shelters and safe rooms can even contribute to the value of your home — they’ve been known to increase home value by 3.5%-5%.

Air conditioning

Another detail to remember about Oklahoma is its hot summers. In some parts of the state, temperatures can rise above 100°F from 15-35 days during the season while temperatures are above 90°F from 65-115 days every year.

With conditions like these being so frequent, it’s important that your home has easy access to an air conditioner. In newer homes, central air may come standard, but older homes may feature a window unit — or even nothing at all. Details like this may seem trivial when choosing a house to buy, but they become important when the summer days begin to become uncomfortable.

Patios and Outdoor Spaces

Although the terrain in Oklahoma ranges from low hills to flat plains, Oklahoma enjoys beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and nighttime stargazing. What better way to enjoy the sight than with an outdoor patio?

Having a patio is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without ever leaving your property. Because a patio can often start as a blank canvas, you can get creative with the type of decor and furniture you choose to create your own space. Ideas like having an outdoor reading nook with soft cushions, a dining area for family and friends, and places to hang string and fairy lights can make your home somewhere you can find peace and comfort without having to go far.

Oklahoma living is truly one-of-a-kind, and choosing the right home to highlight that is important. Staying safe, happy, and comfortable are key for any home, and these four things will complete any house in the Sooner State. 

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