5 Tips for Moving Out On Your Own in 2021


Mom and Dad’s place was tried and true, but it is finally time to spread your wings and venture out of the nest. But before that, you may want to consider these 5 tips to make the transition as smooth as possible in 2021.

Be steady and strong

Having a steady and strong income is going to help you determine how much money is consistent. It will be hard to do with inconsistent amounts varying month to month. Try to figure out a consistent range of income coming in so that you can have tangible numbers to test a budget for yourself.

Budget while you still live with mom and dad

You have landed that first high paying job and actually have money to do things or buy the stuff you have always wanted. RESIST THE URGE! Setting a budget for yourself will be one of the most important things you can do if you are planning to move out from home. You can always put some money aside for some fun, but you are really going to want to test yourself to see if you can stay within the limits of your budget.

Finding that perfect affordable place

Take your time. After you have proved you can stay in your budget, you have figured out how much you can spend for things like rent/mortgage, insurance and utilities. If you have not heard of the 28% rule, you want to stay within that percent range of gross income vs mortgage (insurance, interest, taxes and insurance).

Roommates lighten the financial load

Getting your own place doesn’t mean you have to live alone. If you can find or already have a roommate in mind, they can help offset costs which could let you live with less expenses or let you afford more expensive one.

Being next to what matters

Do you want to live next to where you work or around the things you enjoy doing? Urban or suburban? How about both? TimberCraft’s new community Highland Pointe is the perfect marriage of urban and suburban. It offers the benefits of an urban lifestyle with the amenities of a suburban community. Homes in this new community will start to be move in ready by the end of October 2021. Contact our community managers to take a look at the 5 home plans and 20 elevation options.

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