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5 Reasons to Launch Your Career in OKLAHOMA CITY

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Whether you’re a recent college grad or looking to make a career pivot, there’s a reason people from both coasts are relocating to OKC: in addition to being the best place for buyers to become renters, Oklahoma City is a great place to enter the workforce. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose OKC to launch your career.

1. Reasonable housing costs and a very low unemployment rate are an ideal combination for recent college grads.

According to a ranking by Zippia.com, OKC placed 9 in a list of the best places to start your career. They looked at over 200 cities and ranked them on the following areas: median income, average rent, and unemployment. In Oklahoma City, low unemployment numbers mean you have options — if you don’t love your first position, there’s bound to be something else available!

Beyond the hot job market, a diverse restaurant scene, vibrant nightlife, and abundant recreational options make Oklahoma City a popular choice for young professionals. The city is ever-evolving, with over $5 billion of public and private investment in quality-of-life projects and improvements happening over the past two decades. If you’re looking for a new community, Oklahoma City just might fit the bill.

2. Jobs are plentiful in OKC. 

The job market is growing, as evidenced by a ranking by Glass Door. The site put Oklahoma City at number 12 on its list of best cities for jobs. The site shows 24,000 available jobs in the metro area as well as a 3.5-star average job satisfaction rating.

Particularly, the aerospace sector expects to see growth in the Oklahoma City area. Aerospace is the state’s second-largest and fastest-growing industry and because the focus is mainly on defense, jobs have been insulated from COVID’s effects on the commercial airline industry. Growth in this industry is also creating jobs in sectors that cater to aerospace employees and their families, such as construction and the service economy.

3. Oklahoma City is a hot spot for freelancers.

If your job is portable, take advantage of the low housing costs and easy access to recreational opportunities. Full-time freelancing has been steadily increasing over the past decade, thanks in part to improvements in technology and an increased desire for flexibility. So, what makes a city good for a freelancer? The top indicators are low housing costs, low income tax rates, a vibrant self-employed community, and access to shared work spaces (like coffee shops or rentable conference rooms).

In Fundera’s list of best cities for freelancers, OKC ranked number #13 thanks in part to its 4.5% increase in job growth and 10% self employment rate. If you can work from anywhere, grab your gear and set your sights on Oklahoma City!

4. Oklahoma City has been dubbed “Silicon Prairie,” thanks to the boom in technology jobs.

As people continue to do almost everything online — work, shop, exercise, and socialize — the technology sector has grown. And fortunately, OKC has become a hotspot for these jobs.

A recent Zillow article ranked Oklahoma City number 1 out of 42 large metro areas nationwide for tech companies and start-ups looking to expand. Traditional coastal hubs such as San Francisco and New York are falling to the bottom of the list largely due to high cost of living and relatively low quality of life. Meanwhile, cities such as Oklahoma City and Kansas City are leading the list. According to Zillow, these cities rank high in housing affordability, quality of life, and availability of workers with in-demand skills.

5. If you’re in development, it’s now easier than ever to get things done in OKC.

Developers create spaces where we do pretty much everything — eat, sleep, shop, learn, work, and recreate. And since June, the process of getting plans approved in Oklahoma City is one of the most streamlined in the nation. Now, developers can submit their application through an online portal. This new developer-friendly process cuts down on in-person interactions (a boon during COVID!) and bureaucratic red tape. If you’re looking to build a personalized home or open a business in OKC, the process just got a lot easier!

If OKC is sounding like a dream come true, talk to one of our community managers and let us help you find your perfect home.