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5 Reasons to Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home

Savvy home buyers know that refined design, quality craftsmanship, and top-notch building materials are important factors to look for when shopping for a new home. Not only do TimberCraft homes feature every one of these key elements, but they’re also built to include something equally important and harder to spot: energy efficiency. All TimberCraft homes go above and beyond the state and federal building codes to meet the standards of Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s Positive Energy Home program. This energy-efficient home certification program offers assurance that you’re getting the most cutting edge in home energy saving technology with your purchase.
But why should energy efficiency be a priority when shopping for a new home? There are a number of reasons to keep it at the top of your must-have list.

1. It can save you money — a lot of money.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to seek out an energy-efficient home is for the cost savings. Simply put, using less energy will lower your utility costs. Fixtures like LED light bulbs, ENERGY STAR certified appliances, and high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners consume less energy than traditional models. Climate control is an especially important factor, as 43% of your home’s energy use comes from heating and cooling alone. LED light bulbs also last 50 times longer than traditional incandescents, meaning you won’t need to purchase replacements as often.
You can learn just how much money your energy efficient home will save you by using the HERS Index. A HERS score offers a measurement of your home’s energy efficiency—the lower the score, the more efficient the home—and a HERS Report will help you predict the cost of your utility bills. As you can see in the example below, although a home with a good HERS score may come with a slightly higher price tag, it could end up saving you nearly $100,000 over 30 years.

Price vs Cost Using Energy 2


2. You’ll be more comfortable.

An energy-efficient home has tighter ducts, better-installed insulation, and higher-performance windows than the average home, resulting in fewer air leaks and uncomfortable drafts. What this means for you: you’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Without these features, homes can leak up to 30% of their air. Whatever the season, a well-sealed and insulated home keeps the air where you want it—inside.

3. Your belongings will be better protected.

In addition to blocking unwanted heat, high-performance windows also protect the interior of your home from the sun’s damaging rays. The special coating applied to high-performance windows serves to deflect up to 75% of UV rays, which cause items to fade and lighten over time. This means your books, family photos, upholstery, rugs, and wood furniture will stay looking new and fresh for years to come.

4. It can help you maintain or improve your health.

Tight, well-sealed ducts not only reduce drafts in your home, but they also improve the quality of your home’s air by helping prevent dust, allergens, and moisture from getting inside. Moisture where it doesn’t belong can cause mold growth, and allergens can cause significant discomfort to those who are sensitive. If someone in your family suffers from asthma or air-borne allergies, this element of an energy efficient home may offer the biggest payoff of all.

5. It’s better for the environment.

This one may be obvious, but an energy-efficient home consumes fewer natural resources and reduces your impact on the environment. As you settle into your home and start putting down roots in your neighborhood, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing all that you can to contribute to the sustainability of your new community.